19 Dec 2016

Turkey REACH law postponed to ‘first quarter of 2017’ Locked

Environment ministry says further evaluations are necessary

8 Nov 2016

Turkey adopts toy safety Regulation

Law mirrors EU Regulation, reduces permissible metal content

19 Oct 2016

Turkish barcode rule poses challenge for cosmetics SMEs

Companies may fail to notify products under ‘no barcode, no market’ rule

6 Oct 2016

Delays in Turkey REACH law causing ‘regulatory hole’

Current chemicals law using obsolete classification system

22 Sep 2016

Further delays expected for Turkey's REACH law

Doubts follow civil unrest and ministry reshuffles

17 Jun 2016

Turkey to pass REACH-like law this year Locked

Concerns remain on infrastructure and shortage of competent staff

4 Feb 2016

EU-funded project develops carbon nanotube flame retardants Locked

18 Nov 2015 Briefing

Turkey: aligning chemical regulation with the EU Locked

11 Aug 2015

Turkey restricts animal testing of cosmetics Locked

Measures go part way towards EU position

22 May 2015 Briefing

Helping your neighbours Locked

18 Dec 2014

Turkey publishes SDS regulation Source: CRAD Locked

Substance manufacturers must comply from 1 June 2015

31 Oct 2014

Turkish SDS regulation expected by year end Locked

18 Sep 2014

Turkish REACH registrations to begin late next year Source: CRAD Locked

Entry into force foreseen for second quarter of 2015

16 Jun 2014 Briefing

Turkey: Familiar issues on notification Locked

16 Jun 2014 Briefing

In the news Locked

​Europe​,​Turkey​,​United States​,​Canada​,​Sweden​,​Congo​
22 May 2014

Turkey sets 2016 deadline for classification changes Locked

IT tool for C&L inventory notifications due next month

27 Mar 2014

Turkey amends biocides Regulation Source: CRAD

18 Mar 2014

Turkey notifies WTO on new food contact rules

19 Feb 2014

Turkey plans to amend food contact rules Locked

12 Feb 2014 Briefing

ChemCon Europe 2014 preview Locked

12 Dec 2013

Turkey publishes EU-like CLP legislation Source: CRAD Locked

Companies will have to notify substances by June 2015

15 Aug 2013

Turkey regulates workers’ exposure to hazardous substances Locked

6 Aug 2013

Turkey regulates exposure to carcinogens and mutagens Locked

16 Jul 2013

Turkey notifies WTO of CLP regulation Source: CRAD Locked

Law aims to align with EU, but differences exist

12 Jul 2013

Turkey notifies WTO on rules for food contact materials

18 Mar 2013 Briefing

Global regulation of substances in electronics Locked

​Europe​,​India​,​Japan​,​South Korea​,​Turkey​,​United States​,​Brazil​,​Vietnam​,​China​
19 Nov 2012

Turkey issues import rules for footwear containing phthalates

28 Aug 2012

Turkey amends cosmetics regulation Locked

8 Aug 2012

Turkey introduces registration for food contact companies, revises codex Source: CRAD Locked

30 Jul 2012

Turkey publishes first list of priority substances Source: CRAD Locked

The 131 substances will be subject to risk assessments and possible controls