10 Jan 2019

Brazil’s draft chemicals policy with president’s office Locked

Awaiting review by newly-elected president, Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil, Latin America
21 Dec 2018

Brazil granted UN funding to implement chemicals policy

More than $400,000 will help finance three-year project

Brazil, Latin America
22 Nov 2018

Brazil’s RoHS may cover cars

But heavy goods vehicles, such as trucks, expected to be exempt

Brazil, Latin America
19 Nov 2018

Mercosur publishes resolution on cosmetics manufacture and distribution Locked

Argentina, Brazil, Latin America
25 Oct 2018

Brazil releases draft law for chemical management Locked

Presidential runoff vote could delay legislation

Brazil, Latin America
12 Oct 2018

Brazil and Argentina agree joint approach to chemicals management Locked

Brazil's election result will not affect bilateral agreement

Argentina, Brazil, Latin America
4 Oct 2018

Brazil finalises draft law for industrial chemicals regulation

Act expected to set out provisions on the registration, evaluation and control of chemicals

Brazil, Latin America
31 Jul 2018

Working group evaluates Brazil RoHS draft Locked

Proposal to be fine tuned in August

Brazil, Latin America
28 Jun 2018

Brazil set to enforce FCM regulations on cellulosic materials Locked

Rules adopted from ones drawn up by Mercosur

Argentina, Brazil, Latin America, Uruguay
24 May 2018

Brazilian government holds first meeting on electronics law Locked

Industry raises concerns about proposal's enforcement

Brazil, Europe, Latin America
10 Apr 2018

Brazil passes law limiting lead in school materials

Paints, inks and building coatings covered

Brazil, Latin America
10 Apr 2018

Businesses respond to Brazil’s request for EU RoHS experience Locked

Country is in process of developing similar regulation

Brazil, Europe, Latin America
4 Apr 2018

South America sees chemical regulations moving forward Locked

Progress made in several countries, says industry representative

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Latin America
6 Mar 2018

Brazil's proposed chemical regulation edges forward Locked

Follow-up meeting scheduled for April

Brazil, Latin America
8 Feb 2018

Brazilian RoHS could prove 'difficult for small suppliers' Locked

More details about implementation needed, says EEE trade group

Brazil, Latin America
25 Jan 2018

Brazil extends lead in paints consultation after 'IT incident' Locked

Brazil, Latin America
4 Jan 2018

Brazil to propose RoHS-like regulation for electronics Locked

Environment ministry calls for input from EEE sector

Brazil, Latin America
20 Dec 2017

Brazil notifies WTO on lead in paints law Locked

Brazil, Latin America
5 Dec 2017

Brazil releases comments from chemicals consultation Locked

Hundreds of contributions received

Brazil, Latin America
27 Jul 2017

Brazil moves forward on industrial chemicals regulation

Conasq evaluating consultation responses

Brazil, Latin America
9 Nov 2016

Brazil’s Abiquim launches group to 'direct' chemicals policy Locked

Draft text lacks details on risk assessment, says national chemicals association

Brazil, Latin America
20 Oct 2016 Briefing

Brazil moves towards safer chemicals management Locked

Brazil, Latin America
21 Sep 2016

Brazil notifies WTO of updates to personal care products regulation Locked

Brazil, Latin America
16 Aug 2016

Brazil notifies WTO of industrial chemicals policy Locked

Brazil, Latin America
21 Jul 2016

Brazil maps out plans for industrial chemicals policy

Proposals include a national chemicals register, processes for substance evaluation and regulatory measures

Brazil, Latin America
24 May 2016 Briefing

Regulating cosmetics globally Locked

Asia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Global, Japan, Latin America, North America, United States
28 Apr 2016

Brazil requires testing of Bindeez toys for toxic substance Locked

Brazil, Latin America
20 Apr 2016

FDA seeks input for international cosmetics regulation meeting Locked

Brazil, Canada, Europe, Latin America, North America, United States
16 Mar 2016 Briefing

Guest column – ICTA interim director general Locked

Asia, Brazil, China, Europe, Global, Latin America, North America
23 Feb 2016

Toxic effects of chromium III oxide nanoparticles revealed Locked

Brazil, Global, Latin America