Global Service Providers Guide 2019

The Global Service Providers Guide is considered an invaluable reference in the chemicals management and control sector, providing the latest insights on regulatory market drivers, careers and salaries, and our industry outlook for the year ahead.

The ninth edition of the Guide features the results of our annual survey to regulatory professionals around the globe, and over 30 pages of original editorial content, researched and developed by our team of experienced journalists.

In-depth editorial features, survey results and insights into the regulatory landscape

The Global Service Providers Guide gives you an authoritative overview of the chemicals management and control industry, with information from both service users and providers including:


  • Chemical Watch diagnostic tool and industry benchmark: To build a picture of compliance and management within organisations
  • Global regulation: Key drivers for the chemicals management and control market, including national and regional legislation; sector regulation; supply chain drivers; new TSCA; state-level activity in US; and Asia developments, including K-REACH.
  • Careers and salary survey results: Always a popular feature, each year we publish detailed results and interpretation of our annual careers and salaries survey, along with the latest news on skills, training, recruitment and career progression.
  • Service providers outlook: Offering an invaluable perspective on prospects and opportunities facing the global chemicals management and control sector. This year, the increased volume and complexity of global chemical regulation looks set to keep service providers busy.

With editorial features on:

  • REACH: The end of the last REACH registration is only a stage in the evolution of the Regulation
  • TSCA: The US is implementing the updated TSCA but government shutdowns and other issues are causing frustrations
  • Technology: What do emerging technologies offer the industry when it comes to regulatory compliance?
  • Chemicals management: companies are going beyond safety and looking at wider issues more holistically
  • Interview with Bjorn Hansen, director of ECHA, tracing his involvement with Europe’s groundbreaking chemicals policy and hearing his thoughts about today’s challenges.

Find your new service to help you meet your needs

The 2019 Global Service Providers Guide also includes the profiles of 117 service providers from around the world, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking services within the chemicals management and control industry.

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