Articles from REACHLaw and Dr Knoell Consult

June 17 REACH & CLP hub: Harmonising poison centre notifications

March 17 REACH & CLP hub: REACH impacts on the defence sector

February 17 REACH & CLP hub: REACH's busy anniversary

December 16 REACH & CLP hub: Brexit: is a UK-REACH Regulation on its way?

November 16 REACH & CLP hub: GHS – the status quo

October 16 REACH & CLP hub: The purpose of a risk management option analysis

September 16 REACH & CLP hub: Endocrine disruptors – criteria, testing and assessment

July-August 16 REACH & CLP hub: REACH 2018 – challenges for lead registrants

June 16 REACH & CLP hub: Can REACH data be used outside the EU?

May 16 REACH & CLP hub: Will Brexit mean avoiding the burden of REACH?

April 16 REACH & CLP hub: Filling in the gaps with the OECD Qsar Toolbox

March 16 REACH & CLP hub: The Commission's decisions on authorisation

February 16 REACH & CLP hub: Echa’s roadmap: preparing for the 2018 registration deadline

December 15 REACH & CLP hub: Testing and assessing EDCs: a global view

December 15 GHS in practice: Are we any closer to true harmonisation?

November 15 GHS in practice: GHS in Latin America: the story so far

November 15 REACH & CLP hub: Turkey: aligning chemical regulation with the EU

September 15 REACH & CLP hub: Using a company subsidiary as an OR

July-August 15 REACH & CLP hub: Regulating polymers

June 15 REACH & CLP hub: Authorisation for the plastics industry

May 15 REACH & CLP hub: Communicating safe use of substances and mixtures

April 15 REACH & CLP hub: Industry's role in the RMOA for SVHC

March 15 REACH & CLP hub: Articles under REACH

February 15 REACH & CLP hub: Authorisation vs restriction

December 14 REACH & CLP hub: The importance of eSDS compliance

November 14 Substance evaluation – understanding the process

October 14 Security of supply: keeping track of substances under REACH

September 14 REACH & CLP hub: workplace exposure limit values

July 14 REACH & CLP hub: Verifying SME status for REACH fees

June 14 REACH & CLP hub: Screening criteria for PBTs/vPvBs

May 14 REACH & CLP hub: drawing valuable lessons from the SEA route

April 14 REACH & CLP hub: authorisation overview

March 14 REACH & CLP hub: authorisation consortia

February 14 Tips on mixtures classification

December 13 Where next for nanomaterials policy in Europe?

November 13 The challenge of substitution

October 13 Knowing your obligations under REACH for SVHCs and articles

September 13 REACH authorisation and downstream users

July 13 How CLP relates to product-based laws

June 13 REACH challenges after 31 May

May 13 REACH & CLP Hub: Use of read-across in CSAs

April 13 REACH & CLP Hub: Regulations and supply chain management

March 13: How to calculate exposure scenarios

February 13: REACH & CLP Hub: the role of ORs

Articles from ReachCentrum

December 12: Sharing REACH registration costs of a 2013 substance

November 12: Benchmark your knowledge levels

October 12: Substance evaluation: early recommendations

September 12: SEA’s role in authorisation

July 12: The challenges of creating an application for authorisation

June 12: The risk assessment labyrinth - reaching a sensible outcome

May 12: Is your IT toolkit ready for working towards 2013?

April 12: Recent developments on REACH legal remedies

March 12: Being constantly prepared for dossier evaluation

February 12: ‘Orphan’ substances in the frame for 2013 registration

December 11: How should Siefs prepare to handle the C&L inventory?

November 11: Change management’s role is key going forward

Archives of past "Dr Reach Debates" columns

September 11: Many questions tackled, many more to go

June 11: Updates, compliance checks and more updates

April 11: Dr Reach: Preparing for REACH audits and inspections

March 11: Dr Reach: Be prepared to update registration dossiers

December 10: Dr Reach: The eleventh hour: why registration went to the wire

November 10: Dr Reach: How many experts does it take to make a registration dossier?

October 10: Dr Reach: Please don’t ask me for a registration number

September 10: Dr Reach’s Top Ten tips for registration in 2010

Jul-Aug 10: Dr Reach: Should I submit a CSR jointly or separately for registration?

June 10: Dr Reach: Fixed goalposts are vital to REACH implementation

May 10: Dr Reach: REACH and CLP deadlines – getting it right

April 10: Dr Reach: Thinking ahead to 2013 and “data poor” substances

March 10: Dr Reach: Intermediates and authorisation – why cause such panic?

February 10: Dr Reach: Harmonisation on substance restrictions under REACH?

December 09/January 10: Traceability and transparency key to good REACH decisions

November 09: Tougher product safety laws demand holistic thinking

October 09: How much to budget for REACH registration in 2010?

September 09: Would Paracelsus have liked exposure-based waiving?

July/Aug 09: How REACH is raising the bar for risk management

June 09: Let’s have a public airing of CLP questions to authorities

May 09: Who are you? - by a REACH consultant

Apr 09: Dr Reach - Claiming due diligence for substances in articles

Mar 09: Dr Reach - Common sense needed for reaction mass registration

Feb 09: Dr Reach - Focus on data sharing aims to streamline SIEF formation

Jan 09: Dr Reach - Does double pre-registration make sense?

Previous Dr Reach Q&A columns

Do third party representatives ensure confidentiality?

Question: Will the identity of a registrant that has appointed a 'third-party representative' be made visible to others at the time of registration?

Dr Reach answer (November 2008)

Candidate List substances in articles

Question: What are the requirements for communicating Candidate List substances in articles?

Dr Reach answer (November 2008)

How are nanomaterials to be registered under REACH?

Question: How are nanomaterials managed under REACH?

Dr Reach answer (October 2008)

What legislation does REACH replace?

Question: What are the 40 Directives and Regulations that REACH is said to replace?

Dr Reach answer (October 2008)

When is a substance a polymer?

Question. Does a substance meet the definition of a polymer under REACH?

Dr Reach answer (September 2008)

How much does registration cost?

Question: "How much will REACH Registration cost?" Question from a Brazilian producer of speciality chemicals.

Dr Reach answer (July/August 2008)

Monomers in an imported polymer

Question: "How can a company register monomers bound in an imported polymer?" Question from a medium-sized Turkish company.

Dr Reach answer (July/August 2008)

Substance, polymer or preparation?

Question: "A company imports a product that contains a polymer and other additives. Is this a substance, preparation or polymer and what must be registered?" The questioner is a Hungarian trade association.

Dr Reach answer (June 2008): Click here

Substances and preparations

Question: "Does a company purchasing 0.5 tonnes of substance A in preparation X and 0.5 tonnes of substance A in preparation Y need to register substance A?" The questioner is a Japanese consulting company.

Dr Reach answer (June 2008): Click here

Natural substances

Question: "How can one identify chemically modified naturally occurring substances?" The questioner represents a Chinese REACH centre.

Dr Reach answer (April 2008): Click here

Candidate list

Question: "How many substances will be included in the 'candidate list' and when?"   The questioner is a regulatory consultancy in the USA.

Dr Reach answer (April 2008): Click here

Paint producers

Question: "Do paint producers have to register substances?" The questioner is a small EU paint producer based in Portugal..

Dr Reach answer (March 2008): Click here

Only representative

Question: "Can a company change the EU company that it wants to act as the Only Representative?" The questioner is a Chinese trade association.

Dr Reach answer (March 2008): Click here

Process gases

Question: "How can one interpret 'process gases and components thereof' as it appears in point 7 of the REACH Regulation Annex V?" The questioner represents a large chemical producer in Poland.

Dr Reach answer (January 2008): Click here

Information for pre-registration

Question: "What information is required for pre-registration of substances under REACH?" The questioner represents a multinational speciality chemicals firm based in Germany.

Dr Reach answer (December 2007): Click here

Biocides and REACH

Question: "Do biocides need to be registered under REACH?" The questioner is a global speciality chemicals manufacturer based in the USA that also exports to the EU.

Dr Reach answer (December 2007): Click here

Intentional release

Question: "Is a scented candle considered an article with a substance which is intentionally released under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions?" The questioner represents an Italian regulatory and scientific consultancy.

Dr Reach answer (November 2007): Click here

REACH registration and imports

Question: "A non-EU company supplies my EU-based companies with products. Who is then responsible for any REACH-relevant obligations for the registration of the substances in those products?" The questioner represents an SME metals trader based in Italy.

Dr Reach answer (November 2007): Click here