Business Guide to Safer Chemicals, Third Edition

The Business Guide to Safer Chemicals, Third Edition provides insight into and analysis of the state of safer chemicals in products, covering the latest developments on the practice of assessing alternatives to hazardous and risky chemicals in products.

It sets out current approaches, developments to already established practices and provides a number of case studies. These illustrate current industry experiences, practices and the key challenges faced.

‘Regrettable substitution’, where one unsafe chemical is replaced with another, is a critical business issue for companies. It is essential for them to understand what approaches, initiatives, tools and support there are to successfully substitute chemicals of concern. The practice of alternatives assessment is evolving quickly and this report will help keep you abreast of the current state of play.

What’s inside the Business Guide to Safer Chemicals

  • Substance tracking in aerospace and defence: The aerospace and defence industry is creating a data exchange standard to make material and substance declaration easier
  • Painting a circular economy: A UK trade association is seeking to create a circular economy for decorative paint through a national remanufacturing network
  • How diagnostics sector is tracking SVHCs: One of the world's largest pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies sees full material declaration as key to removing SVHCs from its supply chain
  • Substance tracking in the textiles sector: Help from its whole supply chain enabled an outdoor clothing company to remove hazardous chemicals from its products
  • Safer chemical management at a start-up: A flame retardant maker is seeking to 'design in' fire safety, rather than simply comply with testing standards
  • And much more...

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