Business Guide to Safer Chemicals: Fourth Edition

Find out how companies in the chemicals industry are addressing the many complex and practical challenges of making safer chemicals

The Business Guide to Safer Chemicals, now in its fourth year, brings together a series of in-depth, practical case studies that examine how companies are addressing the various chemical safety challenges they face.

In this year’s edition, we take a look at companies across a diverse range of sectors, including:

  • pharmaceuticals and in vitro diagnostic medical devices;
  • textiles;
  • aerospace and defense;
  • paints and coatings;
  • organic pigments;
  • retail; and
  • flame retardants.

If you’re a brand, material or component manufacturer, the guide will provide you with ideas and practical examples of how businesses are delivering all the good things that chemicals bring to modern life with fewer of the downsides.


  • Introduction
  • Tracking SVHCs in diagnostics
    Material declaration, not just substance tracking, is needed to make chemical regulation work as intended
  • The great outdoors
    Clothing manufacturer Páramo has worked to eliminate hazardous chemicals from its products
  • IPC-1754 prepares for take-off
    The aerospace and defence industry could adopt a standard from other complex chemical-consuming industries for substance reporting
  • Painting a circular economy
    The British Coatings Federation plans to create a recycling system for left-over paint
  • Nano looking more black and white for pigments sector
    An industry association has taken proactive steps ahead of potential regulation on its products
  • Keeping EDCs out of the store
    Coop Denmark has a chemicals policy that goes beyond what EU legislation imposes
  • Transparent and collaborative
    AkzoNobel is seeking to connect product stewardship with sustainability profiles for certain products
  • Safety must be designed in
    Customers will not pay a ‘green premium’ but it still has a marketable value in some applications  
  • Hard choices
    A small Finnish technology provider is seeking to replace hexavalent chrome in hard chrome plating
  • BPA could get canned
    A major can coatings producer has worked with other stakeholders to develop an alternative to bisphenol A-based epoxies
  • Services directory

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