Sector-specific homepages

Chemical Watch’s sector-specific homepages provide you with a lens through which you can view our latest coverage about, and relevant to, a number of key industry sectors. 

The pages highlighted below pull together news stories written about a specific sector, along with coverage to anyone working within, or who has a professional interest in that sector – making it easier to find the news that is relevant to you.

Aerospace, Automotive & Engineering

Stories we’ve covered include the automotive sector’s response to the EU biocides legislation, plus the efforts of vehicle producers to persuade chemical manufacturers to improve their assessment of substances offered as alternatives to those facing restrictions. Read more 

Built Environment

Covering both construction and furnishings, we report on issues such as fire safety standard developments that affect the use of flame retardants; the response of construction companies to chemicals legislation such as the European Commission’s proposed criteria for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals; and moves by jurisdictions to restrict certain substances used in construction materials, building products or home furnishings. Read more 

Children’s Products

In recent months we’ve reported on the European Commission’s plans to significantly tighten the migration limit for bisphenol A in toys, and the extent of non-compliance with EU rules on toys and other goods. We have also covered developments in California, New York, Minnesota, Washington and Vermont - detailing changes in substance lists and reporting processes.  
Read more 

Cleaning Products

Consumers are becoming more aware of the chemicals they use in their household cleaning products - leading to calls for companies to disclose their ingredients. We follow voluntary steps towards transparency, such as Procter & Gamble’s online preservatives tracker for its ingredients and the American Cleaning Institute’s chemical safety data website, as well as global restrictions on cleaning products ingredients. Read more 

Electrical and Electronics

Key topics for this sector include the introduction of RoHS-like regulations around the world, the requirements in the US to report on conflict minerals, and the EU’s discussions on introducing similar requirements this side of the Atlantic.  Read more 

Food Contact Materials

As a heavily regulated sector, it's no surprise our coverage focuses on policy, rules and standards. Key areas include the European commission's re-evaluation of the FCMs framework Regulation, national laws in several European countries, and China's mandatory national standards for food contact materials and additives. Read more 

Personal Care Products

Keep track of the latest developments around the globe on restrictions on animal testing, phasing out microbeads, changes to existing laws from countries around the world affecting cosmetics, and the safety of cosmetic ingredients. Read more 


Retailers are under increasing pressure to be transparent about their chemical policies. Get an insider’s view on what big names such as Tesco, Walmart, Target and H&M are doing to improve phase out of the use of harmful substances. Read more 


Keep track of regulatory news from around the world, such as the European Commission proposals to restrict CMRs in textiles. Plus stay up to date on the latest developments of NGO campaigns and voluntary industry initiatives which aim to cut the use of hazardous chemicals in the textiles and apparel sectors. Read more